Special Thanks

AraCred is a multi-disciplinary multi-mechanism initiative. As such, it is a team effort and would not be possible without the hard work. patience, and contributions of the community.

Obviously, this would not be possible without Aragon and SourceCred. Thank you for building a better future for us all.

Early on CreDAO, which is an extension of DAOnuts, which is an extension of RecDAO, started exploring how to link SourceCred and DAOs. Thank you cslarson for tirelessly hacking away while the world catches up. You're a legend.

In addition, the push to bring this system to market is a direct result of the MetaGame community, esp METADREAMER. We started by building this for MetaGame, and then realized it could be generalized into something that could help many many more communities. Many thanks to the MetaFam for continuously exploring the cutting edge of innovation, bringing that to reality with amazing plugins and tooling, and tirelessly exploring and/or explaining all of these awesome things over and over and over so that we can all realize this great dream in the Metaverse.

It should also be noted that the generalizable AraCred mechanism design would not exist as it does today without Michael Zargham. Thank you for exploring, explaining, and helping to sketch out the tokeneconomics of AraCred. In the future very few will know why AraCred works, but they will know that it just works - and that's because of the work you're putting to make sure the tokeneconomic are correct.